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The Himalaya are the highest mountain range on earth. The mountains of the Himalayas are spread across a number of counties – Nepal, Bhutan, China, Pakistan and India.

Although Nepal is home to Everest the highest mountain in the world can be seen from India. Due to the border dispute with Pakistan sections of Jammu and Kashmir are not open to visitors but most of the other regions are considered safe to visit. Although not detailed on this website we can arrange visits to Nepal and/or Bhutan from India if required. This is an area of pristine natural beauty and a fantastic area for walking.

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About Himalayas

  International Airports: No international airports with connections to the UK
  Domestic Airports:  Srinagar, Leh Dehra Dunn, Shimla, Chandigarh Airport just over the border in Punjab.
  States: Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir; Uttarakhand


KThe mountain scenery; Shimla; the narrow-gauge railway (Himalayan Queen); Leh in Ladakh; Corbett National Park; Dharamsala (the adopted home of the Dalai Lama); Rishikesh; Haridwar.

World Heritage Sites:
The Kalka Shimla Railway, Nanda Devi and Valley of Flowers National Park


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The best time to visit this high altitude area is the opposite for the rest of India. This is why the British Raj moved their operations to Shimla during the summer. The best time to visit Shimla/ Himachal Pradesh is March to June and October/ November. The best time for Kashmir is May to September and for Uttarakhand the season is longer at April to October.

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