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Tamil Nadu?

Tamil Nadu is said to have the oldest continuous culture in the world. It is a fascinating state and as you drive through you will constantly be asking your driver to stop as there is so much of interest taking place all around.  

For example – planting and harvesting rice, throwingclay pots on a hand driven wheel, roasting cashews, shoeing a bullock etc. Tamil Nadu has so many temples that you need to be selective or you may become ‘templed out’. There are beaches down the eastern coast and on the other side are the Western Ghat Mountains with hill stations and tea gardens.

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Elephant Mudumalai, Tamil Nadu, India

About Tamil Nadu

  Airports: Chennai, Trichy, Madurai, Coimbatore
  Main Cities: Chennai (Madras) – State Capital, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, Tanjore
  Area: 130,058 Sq KM (50,216 Sq Miles)
  Local Language: Tamil


The World Heritage sites of Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram) and Brihadishwara Temple at Tanjore, the merchant houses (many converted to hotels) of Chettinad, Pondicherry with its French influence; Kanyakumari (Cape Comorin), the Nilgiri Blue Mountain railway, beaches, cuisine.

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Tamil Nadu is dry and dusty in the central plains as the Western Ghat Mountains form a barrier – so most of the rain falls on the Kerala side. It is warm to hot all year round (21 – 38℃) with the main monsoon in October/November. The best time to visit is December to April.

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