Top Quality, Heritage

 SVATMA Tanjore (opened in 2015) is just what we have been waiting for in Tanjore. A boutique hotel, much of it heritage, in a central but quiet position. There are 38 rooms, a choice of eating experiences and lots of space to sit and relax. The owners (who come from Tanjore) have a real passion and understanding of what people need in a hotel.

Svatma - Tanjore - Tamil Nadu - Big 1


  3 Restaurant
  Ayurveda Spa
  Swimming Pool
  Yoga Centre
  Rooftop Bar

The Property

SVATMA hotel has a space to suit every personality and there is a spot to match every mood. There are verandas, hallways, lounges and spaces to congregate for the sociable and nooks, bowers and secluded corners for those wanting to retreat. The hotel has a feeling of rich fullness and wholesomeness combine with the charms of ancient Tamil Nadu – its arts, architecture culinary heritage and culture.

Svatma - Tanjore - Tamil Nadu - Big 2