The lake city of Udaipur, with its maze of narrow streets and palaces, is considered to be the most romantic city in Rajasthan. The city is dominated by the broad (but not particularly deep) Pichola Lake. During droughts the lake can dry up and travel to the islands is made by jeep rather than boat (which is less romantic). There is an airport at Udaipur so although it is a fair distance from one of the hub airports it is not difficult to include it in a tour.

Udaipur City

Udaipur is a centre for the performing and visual arts, is good for shopping and offers visitors a wide range of hotels, many of which are either top quality or heritage (or both).

Accommodation Choices

Udaipur Hills

Surrounding the city are the Aravali Hills and a number of accommodation options are in this area. Guests can stay in the countryside and then travel into the city for sightseeing

Accommodation Choices