The tiny state of Sikkim measures just 115 by 65 kms. It is situated to the north of West Bengal and is boarded by Bhutan to the East, Nepal to the West and China (Tibet) to the north. Its valleys and terraced rice fields are surrounded by mountains – including Kanchenjunga the third highest in the world.


Gangtok is the capital and largest town of Sikkim and the centre of Sikkim’s tourism industry. It is located in the eastern Himalayan range and has an altitude of 1,437 m giving it a pleasant temperature throughout the year. The population of Gangtok belong to different ethnicities including Nepalis, Lepchas and Bhutia. Gangtok is a centre of Buddhist learning and culture. It is a popular destination for people wanting to trek in the area – although the range of accommodation and other facilities does not reflect the number of international visitors passing through.

Accommodation Choices


This quiet Sikkim town is the gateway to walking in this area. It has views to the glaciers and peaks of Kanchenjunga. If you enjoy walking but do not think you are up to the challenge of mountaineering then the scenic low-altitude trek to Khecheopalri Lake might appeal. Other attractions include Pemayangtse – a three hundred year old monastery and fantastic bird life including rarities such as green-tailed sunbirds, rufous-gorgeted flycatchers, scimitar babblers and laughing thrushes.

Accommodation Choices