National Parks – Karnataka 

The National Parks of Karnataka include Bandipur 80km south of Mysore which covers 880 sq km and Nagarhole which covers an area of 640 sq km.

 Nagarhole National Park

The National Park at Nagarhole covers an area of 640 sq km. The dammed Kabini River has created a huge lake which provides a vital water source for the animals during the dry season. The forest is moist deciduous providing thick jungle, excellent habitat for a variety of wildlife. The wildlife seen at any National Park is always a matter of luck but we have had a number of customers who have seen tigers.

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 Bandipur National Park

Bandipur is 80 km south of Mysore and covers 880 sq km. The landscape is dry deciduous forest and sightings of elephant are common. Bandipur together with Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu and Wayanad plus Silent Valley in Kerala form the huge (6,000 sq km) Nilgiri Biosphere.

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