Murshidabad is a region situated in a lush area of West Bengal, on the banks of the Bhagirathi River (a tributary of the River Ganges). It is accessible from Kolkata by road, train or boat and is also known as Gour. In 1704, it became the capital of Bengal so saw much of the power struggles between the Mughals and British. It is an area famous for its silk, Nawabs, the local ‘Sheherwali’ culture, cuisine and its historic heritage. Azimganj, one of the oldest towns in the Murshidabad district was a very important trade centre in the 17th and 18th century, and was known as the Varanasi of Bengal. It was famous for the abundance of silk, muslin, ivory and agricultural yield. The town is twinned with Jiaganj, situated opposite Azimganj across the Bhagirathi River. A number of Jains settled here due to its rich trading, so many Jain Temples can be found in the area.

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