The National Chambal Sanctuary consists of a 400 km stretch of the Chambal River. The habitat includes mud cliffs and tropical dry scrub forest and is home to a wide range of birds, mammals and reptiles. Because the river has negative connotations in the ancient Indian texts it has been largely avoided by the local populations and consequently is now one of India’s most pristine rivers. This has led to the river being one of the few areas where Gharials (a rare species of crocodilian) can be found and in 1979 was granted protected area status. As well as wildlife, Chambal offers heritage and cultural experiences. Although only slightly over an hour’s drive from the Taj Mahal (India’s most famous tourist attraction) very few people visit this area so it really offers a unique opportunity. Chambal is just 4 hours from Delhi, Lucknow and Gwalior – so may be included in a number of different tours.

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