The French Haveli 

Boutique, Heritage

The French Haveli’ is an 150 year old, artistically restored Gujarati heritage home. which maintains its splendid traditional structure.

French Haveli - Ahmedabad - Gujarat - Big 1


Shared Kitchen
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The Property

Staying at the French Havelis gives you a taste of Gujarati culture with comfort and luxury. The central court helps make the hotel light and airy and is the soul of all Havelis. Walking towards the French Haveli from the main street is a stark transition from the traffic filled urban landscape to the serene and historic area. With a real historic feel as you pass through the clusters of rows of houses joined by labyrinthine streets to open again into sub lanes called ‘Khadki’, and squares called ‘Chowks’.

French Haveli - Ahmedabad - Gujarat - Big 2